Saying "No" to Tobacco Activity Sheet

For Grade 5


What would you do if someone asked you to smoke? Saying something smart or funny can be a good way to say "no" to smoking.


  • To provide students the opportunity to practise refusal techniques.


  • Divide students into pairs.
  • One students has 5 minutes to convince the other student to have a cigarette.
  • Students must think of ways to refuse the cigarette.
  • Review the comments made by the students.

Background information for teachers

  • There are many different refusal techniques. Some techniques will work well for some students, while others will need a different approach.
  • Encourage students to practise the technique that works best for them.

No Thanks to SmokingStrategies to resist the pressures to smoke

1) Say "No":

  • "No thanks."
  • "I'm not interested."
  • "Being athletic is too important to me."

2) Change the subject

3) Tell the truth:

  • "I'm allergic."
  • "Smoking stinks, and it makes you stink too."
  • "Smoking makes your teeth yellow."

4) Use humour

  • "I can't smoke. I'd never make it past my mom's smoke detector: her nose!"

5) Give a reason:

  • "I don't want to smoke. Besides, it makes you smell bad."
  • "I'm not going to smoke. It's bad for you."
  • "I promised my sister that I'd never smoke."
  • "I'm on the basketball team. I need all the air I can get."

6) Provide other options:

  • "I'd rather beat you at basketball!"
  • "How about seeing a movie instead?"

7) Leave

8) Tell a story:

  • "No thanks, my brother got really sick on that stuff once. It was disgusting."
  • "My grandma died from smoking. I don't want that to happen to me or you!"

Revised: Monday June 13 2011

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