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Be Active at Work

Are you Ready for Action?

Active for Life

Congratulations on your Active Lifestyle!

You've come up with strategies that work for you. Here is some advice from the experts that you might find interesting.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Try to include Endurance, Strength, and Flexibility activities in your daily routine to build a healthy, fit body.

The more active you are, the bigger the payoff in health, improved fitness and a positive outlook. Continue to look at ways to build physical activity into all areas of your life - at work, at play and at home.

Learn a new activity like yoga, dance or tennis. Join a club or team, be it cycling, mountain biking, running, walking or slow-pitch baseball.

Maintain a healthy weight or lose weight by increasing the intensity/effort of your activities or the number of minutes a day. Again, every minute of activity counts. Combine activity with cutting a couple of high-fat snacks from your diet each day for a gradual, sustainable weight loss.

From: Active Living Every Day - 20 Weeks to Lifelong Vitality by Steven N. Blair, Andrea L. Dunn, Bess H. Marcus, Ruth Ann Carpenter, Peter Jaret, Human Kinetics Publishing


Are You Ready for Action?

Revised: May 26, 2011


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