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Be Active at Work


Walking has all the benefits of active living rolled in to one activity.Walking is

  1. Rhythmic
  2. Economical
  3. Safe for most people
  4. 30 minutes of brisk walking meets the Physical Activity Guide’s recommendations for daily endurance activities
  5. There are measurable health benefits in only 10 minutes of brisk walking

Adapted from: Health Canada

Think about
when you'll walk, not whether you'll walk

How can I walk more at work?

  • Arrive early to walk before the work day begins
  • Make an early morning walk part of your daily routine
  • Choose the parking spot farthest from the door
  • Walk to the next bus stop or get off one stop early
  • Always take the stairs
  • Investigate active transportation
  • Bring walking shoes to work
  • Schedule walking breaks and meetings
  • Take a 10 minute walk at lunch to renew energy and reduce stress
  • Deliver messages instead of using the phone or e-mail
  • Walk with a buddy who keeps his or her appointments


Before and During Your Walk

Before Walk
Drink Water
Drink Water
Start Slowly
Start Slowly
During Walk
  Drink Water
Drink Water
After Walk
Finish Slowly
Finish Slowly
Drink Water
Drink Water
  • In the warm months wear loose, lightweight clothing, a hat and sunscreen.
  • In cold weather allow 10 minutes to warm up, choose footwear that gives good traction, and wear clothing in layers (a wicking layer, an insulating layer that can be removed, and a windproof outer layer). Take your workout inside if you’d be risking frostbite or icy conditions.


Tips for Forming a Workplace Walking Group

  • Find out who is interested in regular walking
  • Have a group meeting to discuss goals and details of your walking
  • Consider the physical environment - where to walk safely
  • Identify walking leaders/champions
  • Build in healthy competition - create challenges and offer incentives
  • Select a name for your group

Adapted from: The Country of Lambton, Community Health Services Department

Start counting your steps!


Be Active at Work

Revised: May 24, 2011


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