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Healthy Eating at Work

Choosing Healthy Foods
:: Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide

What is Canada’s Food Guide?

Canada's Food Guide is a tool you can use to help you make wise food choices whether you are eating at home, at school, at work or eating out. It describes what amount of food you need and what type of food is part of a healthy eating pattern.

Canada’s Food Guide

Why is there a new Food Guide?

Healthy Eating at WorkThe Food Guide was last updated in 1992. Over the past 15 years many changes have taken place in the areas of food and nutrition including:

  • advances in the science, resulting in new nutrient requirements for all Canadians
  • changes in the foods Canadians eat
  • new types of foods available in the marketplace

Health Canada made revisions based on these changes and the new Food Guide was launched in February 2007.

What's New in this Food Guide?

Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide:

  • Is more personalized with servings broken down by age and gender for Canadians two years of age and older
  • Is intended for adults who are active less than 30 minutes per day and children who are active less than 90 minutes per day.  Active Canadians can increase the number of servings from the food guide based on their appetite
  • Emphasizes the importance of Vegetables and Fruit
  • Contains more information and recommendations on:
    • advice for different ages and stages of life
    • the types and amounts of oils and fats to use each day
    • the importance of drinking water
    • reading the food label
    • physical activity
  • Has an interactive internet tool called “My Food Guide” where you can create a food guide with pictures of your favourite foods

Where can I get a copy of Canada’s Food Guide in Peel?

There are several ways to get a FREE copy of Canada’s Food Guide:


Choosing Healthy Food

Revised: February 09, 2010


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