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The Flu

What is Influenza?

Influenza (commonly known as "the flu") is a serious respiratory infection that is caused by the influenza virus. The flu is spread easily through coughing, sneezing or through touching contaminated surfaces or objects like unwashed hands, toys and eating utensils. The flu can be prevented by getting the flu vaccine every year and by practicing good hand washing.

the FluThe Vaccine

Flu shots are available for free in several convenient locations across Peel, including:

  • Family Doctors’ offices
  • Walk-in clinics
  • Pharmacies
  • Region of Peel Flu Clinics
  • Find a Flu Clinic

Who Should Get the Vaccine?

The flu vaccine is for anyone aged 6 months of age or older.

Hand Washing

Although practicing good hand washing sounds easy, most people do not wash their hands properly. Check out the “how to wash your hands” (PDF, 450KB, 1 page) or “how to clean your hands” (PDF, 597KB, 1 page) step-by-step guides then share this information with other family members so that everyone in your home is helping to stop the spread of infection.

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Revised: October 06, 2017


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