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Solutions for a healthier workplace

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Costs and Benefits of Workplace Health

BenefitsYour bottom line is impacted not only by the health of your employees but also by the health of your organization.

Here are some provincial and national statistics to demonstrate the costs of doing nothing to promote a healthy workplace.

The Costs and Benefits of Promoting Workplace Wellness

Reduced Work-Life Conflict

      Job Satisfaction Committed to Employer Positive view of Employer
    Low Role Overload 2.0 x greater 1.3 x greater 1.7 x greater
    Low Work-Family Interference 2.8 x greater 1.4 x greater 1.9 x greater

    Money spent on wellness initiatives is money saved.

  1. Workers who experience high levels of work-life conflict often find ways to cope, such as avoiding the situation, taking prescription medicine, or using alcohol.  These strategies are associated with increased absence from work, a decline in employee mental and physical health, and paradoxically, even more work-life conflict.  These employees are less committed and loyal to the organization, more likely to come to work when unwell, and more likely to think about leaving the organization entirely.
    (Duxbury et al., 2008)


Facts and Stats to Make the Case for Workplace Health

Revised: October 06, 2015


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