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Healthy Eating at the Workplace

Employees spend an average of 60% of their waking hours at work. That means they most likely eat at least one meal at work and probably most snacks. The availability of healthy food choices in your vending machines, cafeterias and meetings can help employees to make wise food choices. Use this policy guide to implement a healthy eating policy and create a supportive environment within your organization.

Did you know?

  • An American study determined that in a company of 1000 employees, the cost of obesity was estimated to be $285,000 (Finkelstein et al., 2005)
  • Overweight employees typically take more sick days than those with a healthy weight (Burton et al., 1998)
  • Benefits Canada reports that having obese employees increases your drug benefit costs. Obesity in the Canadian workforce has increased over the last decade, from 12.5% in the mid-1990s to 15.7% in 2005 (PDF, page 19 of 22).


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Revised: August 02, 2011


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