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Tools for Healthy Eating at Work

Healthy Food Choices at Meetings and Events

Why is Healthy Eating Important at Meetings and Events?

We know that 60% of our waking hours are spent at work. We often find ourselves in lunch meetings, or we have to stay a little late and order in food so that we can make a deadline. It's clear that we need to pay attention to what we're eating throughout our workday as healthy eating is essential to our overall well-being.

Healthy Food Choices at Meetings and EventsWhen we eat healthy, we have more energy and can be more productive at work. Stress levels recede and attitudes rise when we look after ourselves. We have to make positive choices about our meals, snacks and after-work events every day.

Learn how healthy eating can be incorporated into your workplace:

Tools for Healthy Eating at Work

Revised: February 09, 2010


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