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Solutions for a healthier workplace

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6 Steps To a Healthier Organization

2. Establish a Workplace Health Committee

Forming a workplace health committee will provide the direction and leadership to effectively impact employee wellness. When forming the committee:

  • Attract members from various departments and areas of responsibility (i.e. HR, Health and Safety, Disability Management, Finance, Union/Employee Association).
  • Use existing resources to obtain information (OH & S committee, HR staff, Insurance carrier).
  • Ensure the team understands the Comprehensive Approach to workplace health (Personal Health Practices, Organizational Culture, Occupational Health and Safety).

In addition to developing / planning, implementing and evaluating a workplace health initiative, the committee should pay special attention to:

  • Establishing member roles, responsibilities, and project timelines.
  • Developing a business case to provide a framework for accountability and to maintain leadership support.
  • Establishing a process for recruiting new committee members.
  • Ensuring all employees have input into the program.
  • Promoting employee participation.
  • Providing clear communication on all aspects of the program.

6 Steps To a Healthier Organization

Revised: February 09, 2010


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