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Solutions for a healthier workplace

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6 Steps To a Healthier Organization

3. Conduct an Situational Assessment

Assessing and understanding the needs and interests of employees is an essential part of developing a comprehensive workplace health program. Whatever initiative your committee develops should ultimately reflect the interests of the employees and the issues facing the workplace.

Methods for assessing employee needs/interests:

  • Informal discussion
  • Suggestion box
  • Focus group meeting

Conduct an Interest / Needs Assessment



The needs assessment should also examine the 'organizational climate' of your company:

  • What is happening within the business right now (look at the "big picture").
  • Are there any programs already in place? Are they successful?
  • What is needed to achieve better health at an organizational level?
  • How are internal policies supporting a healthy organization and individual employee health?
  • How will you align the program with the vision, mission and values of the company?
  • What resources are available and what barriers are in your way?
  • Is your organization ready to make a change?

6 Steps To a Healthier Organization

Revised: August 10, 2015


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