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How to Organize a Workplace Health Fair

Phase II - Organizational Scan

Before you begin planning in great detail, assess aspects of your workplace that will affect the success of your event.

Step 1- Assess the Corporate Culture

There may be some issues you need to consider to help decide how you are going to market your health fair and tailor the messaging to meet the needs of employers and employees. These can include:

Trying to organize a health fair during times of downsizing, union negotiations, etc., may seem like a frivolous investment to management. It can, however, be seen as an effective way to boost morale and help improve company image amongst employees.

Step 2 - Legal Issues

Check your company policies and collective agreements to ensure there aren't any restrictions on the type of services or resources that can be provided. Consider whether or not employees need to sign waivers.

Adapted from: Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month website

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Revised: June 09, 2011


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