Youth Voices

Break Violence

"Break Violence" is an informal PSA addressing alternatives to school violence by cultivating outlets of music, dance & collective collaboration. The youth interviewed and demonstrating are participants of the "RHYTHM program, which is based out of Frank McKecknie Community Centre in Mississauga. Their message of choosing to "Break" (Breakdance) rather than use violence as expression is authentically represented through virtues, reasoning and display of focused skills with positive intention. These youth are strong advocates and examples in their city of Hip-Hop's original values of "Peace, Unity Love & having fun!" Filming & Edit by "Frost Flow" Original Music by "Mike Fate B" Group "RHYTHM" in collaboration with Ground illusionz crew.

Artists: Marcelino DaCosta, Christian Mohammed, Ali Muhammad, Colin Young, Daniel Gallo, Shazad Omarali, Austin Le, Tony Hoang and Zaiire Avadu

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