Youth Voices

The 18th Cure

Our video expresses how bullying is a virus all around us. It starts from one person and spreads to everyone (just like a common cold). But this virus cannot be cured with chicken noodle soup and lot's of rest. You can stop this infection called 'bullying' by not gossiping, not spreading gossip and think before you act because what you say or do can really hurt others. So be the cure!

Artists: Celena Ingram, Ernell Favours, Brittany Engson, Deja Brown, Edison Philip, Galata Diro, Michael Smith, Devin Hakim, Myles Watson, Celeste Bianca, Oliden Herrera, Matthew Cirillo, Daljeet Cheema, Thomas Schubert, Damilola Faseyi and Nicholas Olchonmina

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