How to Apply

Responsibilities of Purchaser

As a home purchaser, there are various responsibilities when buying your first home:


  • As part of the program, a purchaser must conduct a home inspection on the prospective home as a condition of the closing of the transaction. It is in the best interest of the purchaser to have an inspection completed and to be aware of all of the possible concerns and issues, including ones that may be hidden to the eye.
  • On average, a home inspection usually ranges in price between $200 to $400. This cost is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.


  • Purchasers under the Affordable Ownership Program should be aware of, and be able to pay for, any additional closing costs incurred during the purchase of a home.
  • Closing costs include: the deposit, home inspection fee, lawyer’s fees, land transfer costs, title search costs, possible land and/or municipal property tax payments, and any other unanticipated costs. These are all the sole financial responsibility of the purchaser. It is important that the purchaser have extra money available for these costs.


  • The conditional approval letter given to eligible purchasers by the Region of Peel during the approval process is a conditional approval only until final first mortgage insurance under-writing review is conducted and approved.

If denial by the lender is received at the final under-writing stage of the home purchasing process, the Region of Peel will not be responsible for any costs, losses or liabilities that are or may be incurred by the individual purchaser. The purchaser would no longer be eligible for participation in the Home in Peel Affordable Ownership Program, and as a result, would not receive the down payment loan assistance.

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Revised: Tuesday July 28 2015

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