Progress Update

Year Two Update

The Peel Housing and Homelessness Plan (PHHP) Year-Two Report highlights how Peel is moving the needle on a range of programs and initiatives to achieve our long term goal that everyone has a home and homelessness is eliminated:

  • There are fewer Peel households on the centralized waitlist for subsidized housing than there have been in previous years
  • Thousands of individuals and families in Peel received rent or income supports, helping them to obtain or stay in their homes, or preventing them from ending up in a shelter 
  • The Region introduced use of the housing continuum to better understand individual and family needs and determine needed investments; it identifies a range of housing options from emergency shelter to rental housing to homeownership
  • The Region will continue to work with our Community Reference Groups, local municipalities, and the provincial and federal governments to identify initiatives and priorities that will move the plan forward, ultimately improving the overall well-being of Peel residents

Peel's Affordable Housing Needs

A Snapshot of What We Did in 2015

Housing Stock

  • 813 supports through the Preventing Homelessness in Peel Program
  • 11,715 supports including 4,720 rent supplements through Rent Geared to Income Program
  • 1,204 supports through Choice-Based Rental Options; subsidies to help people keep their housing while reducing the  centralized waitlist
  • 40 condominium units purchased - helped 40 individuals to come off the centralized waitlist

Individual and Family Capacity

  • 238 individuals received a housing loss prevention intervention (i.e., rental arrears or utility payments)
  • 236 individuals placed in housing
  • 230 individuals supported through employment starts or stability
  • 104 individuals and families received down payment assistance through the Home in Peel program
  • 103 applicants received funding assistance, with 63% related to renovation for seniors, through the Peel Renovates program (2014)

Integrated System

  • Helped 75 individuals who are homeless and have complex health needs through the Peel Alternatives to Choosing Hospitalization collaborative (part of Peel's Community Investment Program)
  • More collaboration between partners to improve health of the homeless and those at risk of homelessness through Peel's Triple Aim initiative

Going Forward

  • Continue to work with community partners, local municipalities, and all levels of governments to achieve common goals
  • Ensure the PHHP aligns with the Province's Long-term Affordable Housing Strategy and the Region of Peel's Strategic Plan
  • Develop a web-based reporting tool to track and report progress of the PHHP

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