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Housing And Shelter In Peel Region: Homeless Youth Taskforce Network Report

Report to Regional Council
April 1, 2001

From: Keith Ward, Commissioner of Housing and Property and General Manager, Peel Living
Paul Vezina, Commissioner of Social Services
Peter Graham, Commissioner of Health


That Regional Council endorse the Terms of Reference of the Homeless Youth Network;

And further, that Regional Council approve, in principle, the establishment of a Youth Village model in Peel;

And further, that Regional Council authorize continued use of the services of present consultant/facilitator to maintain continuity of Network support, to address community agency underfunding, pooling implications and overall project implementation;

And further, that Regional Council approve use of federal Homegrown Solutions funding to pay the costs of using the Network facilitator;

And further, that Regional Council request the Commissioner of Housing and Property to report back on the underutilization of existing properties that meet the criteria for the Peel Youth Village model;

And further, that this report be forwarded to all area M.P.P.s and M.P.s

Report Highlights

  • Region established Homeless Youth Task Force in February 2000
  • After meeting regularly during 2000, over 40 youth-serving agencies have agreed to form a Homeless Youth Network to pursue ongoing learning, planning for change, collaboration on positive action and communication and education
  • Through the Homeless Youth Task Force/Network process the agencies have identified a number of gaps in service and adopted the continuum of supports approach to work together to fill the gaps
  • As an example of collaboration for positive action, the Homeless Youth Network is proposing the development of a multi service facility called Peel Youth Village
  • Peel Youth Village will provide emergency shelter and transitional housing as well as a range of needed supports and services for homeless youth
  • The only ongoing financial impact for the Region will be cost shared assistance to residents under Ontario Works
  • A major focus of the Peel Youth Village will be harm reduction, education and capacity building
  • No direct capital costs anticipated except for Region of Peel land contribution
  • A proposal has been submitted to Human Resources Development Canada for funding to support training and employment creation

Full Report (82 KB, 15 pages)

Revised: Wednesday August 01 2007


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