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  Information for those on the waiting list:

Can I Transfer from One Social Housing Provider to Another?

Yes. If you are living in a non-profit, co-operative and or rent supplement unit you may apply to transfer by submitting a new application to Peel Access to Housing. Your application will be processed as a new application, meaning you will be at the end of the chronological list with a new date assigned to you.

I’ve Been on the Waiting List for 2 Years. What Number am I or How Close am I to Getting a Unit?

PATH cannot tell an applicant what number they are on any waiting list. Once you are accepted onto PATH’s centralized waiting list your name is placed on the waiting lists of all of the buildings you chose on your application. The housing providers running those buildings will only get your name from their waiting lists when you are near the top of the list.

How many buildings you chose on your application will determine how many waiting lists you are on. You will likely be at a different ranking number on each list.

Revised: Monday April 20 2009


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