Immunizations for Child Care Centre Staff

The Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014, Regulation 137/15 requires operators to ensure that anyone working or living in the child care setting is immunized as per the recommendations of the local medical officer of health. In Peel, the following immunizations are recommended. Individuals that do not have a record of their immunizations are advised to contact their health care provider or Peel Public Health to determine if they have had the recommended vaccines, or need additional immunizations.

Vaccine Recommendation
Diphtheria, Tetanus
  • A series of at least 3 doses
  • Booster dose every 10 years
Pertussis One dose of pertussis containing vaccine1 in adulthood (10 years following your adolescent dose, which is typically received between 14-16 years of age)
Polio A series of at least 3 doses
Measles, Mumps Adults born in or after 1970
  • 2 doses of MMR vaccine or
  • Evidence of immunity by bloodwork
Adults born before 1970
  • Considered immune to measles and mumps
  • One dose of rubella containing vaccine, MMR2
  • Evidence of immunity by bloodwork
Hepatitis B
  • A series of either 2 or 3 doses are needed depending on the vaccine product given
  • Evidence of immunity by bloodwork
Varicella (chickenpox)
  • A series of 2 doses
  • Evidence of immunity by bloodwork
  • Self-report of previously having disease if the disease occurred before Sept 2004
Hepatitis A
Immunization is recommended for those notified by public health that they have been exposed to someone who has the disease.

Annual influenza immunization is strongly encouraged; however proof of immunization is not required at this time.

Immunization Exemptions

Staff may request an immunization exemption for medical, religious or conscience reasons.

Staff must return the original, completed and signed documents to thechild care centre provider. For more information on exemptions, please call Peel Public Health at 905-799-7700.
Important: In case of an outbreak at the child care centre, staff with an exemption (or incomplete immunization records) may be at risk for infection and therefore may be excluded from working in the child care centre until the outbreak is over.

Health Assessment Requirements

1 Pertussis vaccine is only available in combination with diphtheria & tetanus vaccine (Tdap)

2 Rubella vaccine is only available in combination with measles & mumps vaccine (MMR or MMRV)