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Safety and Security
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Building Security

The centre has a security system that magnetically locks exit doors and certain interior doors to ensure that residents are safe and secure.  The security system is linked into our nurse call system so if there are any issues with building security, nursing staff will be notified immediately.  The security system also interfaces with our electronic bracelet system to alert staff if a wandering resident has left the Resident Home Area.

Controlled Entrance

The main entrance to Malton Village has a magnetic lock system. This door will be locked in the evening. If you are visiting after 8:00pm ring the door bell and we will let you in. The main entrance also has a visual surveillance camera.

Fire Alarm

Fire drills are conducted three times each month for the safety of residents and staff. Fire exits are clearly indicated at the Centre. The Emergency Plan is tested on a regular basis.  Please co-operate with the requests of staff members.  There may be several important reasons why a request is made of you immediately, with little time for a full explanation.

While we do not wish to disrupt our residents or their visitors, staff are legislated to practice fire safety procedures. It is important to conduct these drills, so that in the event of a real fire, staffs are confident and prepared to handle the situation.

Fire Regulations

Power Bars

As a fire safety precaution, all items of an electrical nature must be cleared through the Maintenance Department. The Centre has a policy which prohibits the use of extension cords, electric blankets, heating pads or humidifiers.

Power bars are an acceptable alternative for extension cords.  For safety reasons, cordless remote T.V. channel changers are the only type allowed. 

Identification Bracelet

All residents are required to wear an identification bracelet. Those residents who are at risk of wandering are encouraged to wear an electronic bracelet. This bracelet triggers the magnetic lock and alarm at the entrance. Please help us keep residents who are at risk of wandering safe by not letting anyone you do not know exit the building.  If in doubt, ask staff for assistance.

Notification of Next-of-Kin/Representative

A primary contact must be designated by the resident/representative. Please make sure this information is up to date. In the event of Resident injury or change in Resident status, the Next-of-Kin/representative is notified promptly.

Nurse Call System/Call Bells

Call bells are located at each bedside in resident rooms, washroom and common rooms. To activate the call bells, simply push the button or pull the cord and staff will be immediately notified and will respond as quickly as possible.

Safety Devices

Risk to each resident’s health and safety is identified and addressed in ways that consider his/ her choice, freedom of movement, dignity and respect. We believe that residents should be able to move about independently and may encounter a reasonable amount of risk rather than to be restrained in any manner and to be totally dependant.

Restraints are only utilized with your consent, as a last resort and are constantly monitored and evaluated to ensure their safety and necessity. Other safety devices such as seatbelts, table tops and bed side-rails are used for Residents safety following a comprehensive assessment of need.

Signing In and Out

As part of safety we must be able to account for all residents at all times.  Located at the Reception desk is the sign in book for all family and visitors.
Please ensure that you (or your family member) sign out Residents at the Nursing Station on their floor when leaving the Centre.  

Smoking Policy

Please be aware that our Centre is smoke-free.  A smoking assessment and acknowledgement form will be completed for those residents who smoke. This process will identify residents who are safe to smoke independently. Those deemed unsafe will be referred to a smoking cessation program. Residents who continue to smoke must do so under the supervision of a family member or friend. Staff and
volunteers will not supervise smoking.  Further information on the Centre’s smoking policies and designated areas can be provided by staff. 

Instructions for Residents and Families in Case of Fire

A.  What To Do If There Is Fire/Smoke in Your Room:

  1. Leave room immediately
  2. Close door behind you if possible
  3. Call for help by:      
    • pulling the fire alarm
    • shouting for help
    • using the nurse call system

B.  What To Do If You See Fire/Smoke in the Centre:

  1. Call for help by
    • pulling the fire alarm
    • using the nurse call system
    • telephone
    • shout for help
    • Shut door to your room
  2. Wait for help to arrive

C.  What To Do When the Fire Alarms Goes Off:

  • Remain calm
  • Remain in your room with the door closed
  • Turn off all electrical equipment in your room
  • Keep telephone lines open
  • Follow instructions given by the staff or the Fire Department
  • If away from your room, follow directions given by staff

Revised: Tuesday July 27 2010

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