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Malton Village has a Medical Director who oversees the Centre’s medical services.  The residents’ medical care is provided by the Centre’s attending physicians who visit the Centre on a weekly basis. Residents are free to choose an attending physician outside the centre as long as the Ministry requirements are met.

Medical Appointments

If family are not able to accompany residents to external appointments, the Centre staff can arrange for transportation and escort (with prior approval). Cost of transportation and the escort is the responsibility of the resident/family.


Medications/Treatments and Pharmacy Services
Medications and/or treatments are prescribed by a physician and are administrated by a Registered Nurse or Registered Practical Nurse.  Any medication not covered by the Ontario Drug Benefit Plan will be invoiced directly to you and payment can be made directly to the pharmacy by mail. 

No medication of any kind may be brought to you and left in your room.

Health and Herbal Remedies
Medications are prescribed by the doctor and are administered by the registered staff.  If you are on any health or herbal remedies or are using any over-the-counter medications, please inform your attending physician and the registered staff.  All new medications including vitamins and over-the-counter medications must be approved by the attending physician and be provided from the Centre's pharmacy.  This also provides us the opportunity to advise you of any potential adverse drug interaction.

Alternative Treatment
The physicians and the staff of the Centre are supportive of the residents’ choices with respect to the care of the residents as expressed by the resident or when appropriate their substitute decision maker. If you are using treatment other than traditional please inform your physician and our staff so we can assist you to co-ordinate the care plan.

Medical Supplies and Equipment

The following medical supplies and nursing equipment necessary for the care of residents are provided by the Centre, including supplies and equipment for:

  • prevention or care of skin disorders
  • continence care
  • infection control
  • medical devices such as catheters
  • sterile procedures

Alcoholic Beverages

We do our best to satisfy residents’ requests for alcoholic beverages. At Malton Village, alcohol may be consumed with a physician’s order. Families are required to provide alcohol if requested by the resident and approved by the physician. Residents’ alcoholic beverages will be kept in the medication room and dispensed by the charge nurse. No alcoholic beverages of any kind are to be left to a Resident for discretionary consumption.  Please be cooperative with this policy as mixing of alcohol with medications may produce severe reactions.

Revised: Tuesday July 27 2010

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