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Bringing Food into the Centre

We ask that all food and beverages that you bring in be brought to the attention of the Registered Nurse.  Many residents are on therapeutic diets as prescribed by their physician, and a small variance may upset carefully planned nutritional goals.  Food items are to be labelled with the name of the resident, the food item and the date brought in and stored in sealed containers.  Perishable items require refrigeration for safety reasons and should be consumed within 48 hours.  Please note that perishable items exceeding the expiration date or kept at room temperature will be discarded by staff.

Staff are not permitted to reheat any foods brought into the centre.  If foods require reheating, the family member or physically capable resident may do so in a space allocated by the centre, serve the food and be present while it is consumed.

Dietary and Nutrition Services

The Supervisor of Dietary Services, a registered dietitian, is responsible for the overall planning, organizing and coordinating of the dietary department and nutrition program. Our professional staff includes certified cooks, dietary aides and a clinical dietitian. The clinical dietitian has an integral role in ensuring that the nutritional care needs of residents are being met.

We offer a relaxed, pleasurable dining experience for all our residents. Meals are prepared to satisfy taste, appearance and variety, as well as health needs. We have prepared a three week menu cycle that follows Canada’s Food Guide, and scheduled menu theme days for traditional and special events. 

Food preferences are taken into consideration when planning menus. Alternative selections are available and residents will be informed of the choices at each meal. Residents are encouraged to join the Dining Committee and participate in our bi-annual meal service satisfaction survey. We look forward to receiving feedback from residents and their families. 

Guest Meals

Family members and friends wishing to join a resident for a meal can purchase a meal ticket at the Reception Desk during business hours.  There is a maximum of four guests per dining room or resident Home Area.  Guests may be seated in the dining room if space is available or alternatively in the Activity Room.  Please provide confirmation to attend a meal at the Reception Desk by 10:00am for lunch and 2:00pm for supper.  We ask guests to present their meal ticket to dietary staff and, if eating in the activation room, to pick-up their meal from the dining room servery.  Contact Reception for larger group functions for special occasions in order to book an Activity Room. This is approved on a first come first serve basis.

Meals and Snacks

In addition to breakfast lunch and supper, nourishments and snacks are served between meals and in the evening before bedtime. Malton Village also offers a late morning continental breakfast for those residents who like to rise later.

Room Booking for Special Events/Meals

As space is limited in our resident dining areas we offer you the opportunity to book one of the Activation Rooms for your special event or family meal. Rooms can be booked through the Reception Desk and are available for use outside of regular operating hours for social gatherings (evening and weekends when no activities are booked in the space). For more information about bookings and the rules and guidelines for room use contact the Reception Desk.

Special Diets/Cultural Diets

Cultural diversity and special dietary requirements are taken into consideration when planning seasonal menus. Therapeutic diets and nutritional supplements are available when needed. Special devices for eating, such as rimmed plates, special cups and built up utensils are also available as necessary. Please discuss your personal needs for any special or culturally specific diet with our Supervisor of Dietary Services.

Revised: Tuesday July 27 2010

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