Frequently Asked Questions

1 When will construction start and end? Construction should take approximately 24 months, from September 2018 to September 2020.

We will work hard to make sure residents are not bothered, including limiting construction traffic to Main St.
2 When will the new building be ready? Internal fixture and fittings should happen in mid-2020 with move in by late 2020.
3 What impact will the construction have on local residents? The construction site will be well defined and surrounded by fencing. Construction will happen during regular business hours Monday to Friday. The construction project site will take up a portion of Murray St. Park for the entire construction period.
4 What will the construction site look like? There are very strict rules and regulations on how construction sites operate. There will be a boarded off area that will be defined as the building site; all access to the site will be restricted. Boards, called the project hoarding, will surround the project area.
5 Will it be noisy? The contractor will keep noise to a minimum during regular business hours. We are aware that a care facility is very close to the construction and will respect health and safety limitations.
6 Will there be construction traffic? We will do our best to keep construction traffic off Murray St. The contractor will be responsible for keeping roadways clean.
7 How many storeys is the new building and what will I be looking at? The renderings we have used are conceptual only, but we expect that the building will be four storeys tall. This will ensure the best use of the lands available and make a more efficient structure.
8 Are we going to have trucks going up and down Murray Street? No, we will do everything we can to minimize the construction traffic on Murray St.
9 How are you going to manage to build on that site while the building is still in use? Are you going to close Peel Manor? No, we will not close Peel Manor. Peel Manor is home to over 175 people; closing it is not an option. Instead, we will try to reduce the impact on residents while construction is underway. We will need to move some features, such as parking, during the construction process.
10 What will happen to the park during construction? We will close a large section of the park will during construction and will maximize the usable space. We will be creative with the project hoarding by using murals or viewing points so the neighbours can follow along with the construction.
11 When will the new park be ready? The new park should be ready once we demolish the existing building, probably by the spring of 2021.
12 What will the future park be like? The City of Brampton is responsible for developing appropriate park and outdoor space programs; we are working with them to ensure we make the most of this green space and make it a centre for all local residents. We hope to engage local residents in that work. Our Public Health team is actively working to support the creation of engaging outdoor spaces.
14 Where will people park during construction? Construction will be occurring where parking is now, so parking will have to move. We anticipate that parking will move to the north side of the Peel Manor building. We will need to negotiate access with other site partners.
15 Have you done a traffic study?  We have completed a traffic study. We are developing a plan to ensure appropriate routes for construction traffic and still provide regular access to the centre.
16 During construction, how will people get around the site? The site will have clearly laid out access routes to and from the building throughout construction.
17 Will the new building increase traffic? We expect some increase in traffic because the hub will serve the local community for other health and social needs. We also expect an increase in day program participants; most arrivals and departures will happen at regular times. We will learn more from the traffic study. We will also speak with Brampton Transit and TransHelp about improving access to the new centre.
18 Why don’t you just fix the existing building? Studies have shown that it is not worth it to fix the existing building. The design of the existing building makes it increasingly difficult to meet the needs of the residents and it requires substantial work just to keep it running. For instance, the cost to replace the building is almost as much as constructing a new building. Council agreed a new building is required.
19 Will there be light pollution for local residents from the new building’s exterior lights? The architects will design the lighting to meet the safety and security needs of its occupants and employees and in the context of its distance from residential neighbours. There are loading docks and parking proposed at the rear of the conceptual building. This will require lighting that will be similar to what is in place now.
20 What are the Future Seniors Housing buildings? How will they affect our neighbourhood? The Region of Peel knows that the older adult population is increasing and there is a lack of affordable housing. This proposed housing would allow seniors from our community to get the in-home supports they need to stay in their own homes as long as possible.

When we make our application to the City of Brampton for this site plan approval, we will also ask for approval for the construction of two additional buildings at some point in the future. To be clear, these buildings have not gone to Council and the Region has not planned to build them. This is merely a placeholder for future discussions. If the Region were to construct these buildings, it would probably be seven to 10 years into the future.
21 What’s in it for me? Once completed, this centre will provide services that your local community, your family and you can use. It will also improve your local park, which is currently under-utilized.
22 How involved can local residents be? We want everyone in the community to use the Hub, so we want to involve the community in its design. While the process of building a site like this means that we can’t always use every suggestion we get, we still want feedback. The redevelopment of the park is the area where we hope to engage local residents.
23 Will the Hub serve only seniors? No, we expect the key target population to be seniors but others will be able to utilize the services at the Hub.
24 Will this replace services at the hospital? We are working with William Osler Health Centre to ensure we are not duplicating services. We hope that these community health services will help people avoid hospital Emergency Room visits and hospital admissions.
32 What is the life expectancy of the new building? The useful life of a building of this type is approximately 40 years.
34 How will we preserve some of the history of Peel Manor and have a modern building design as well? While the proposed new development will enjoy all of the features and amenities of a modern building, there is an opportunity to use architectural design elements, façade and materials to reflect the earlier building and match the surrounding community. For example, some bricks from the existing building may be preserved and used in some way. Historical plaques are also a way to commemorate local history.
35 How will you construct the new building with the current building in place? How can you ensure the safety of the current building with construction so close? We hired an architect to do some preliminary draft site plans to demonstrate that the there is room on the site to build the new building and keep the existing building. The site construction will be subject to best practices, height and dust protection/barriers and overall site security. We will consider construction traffic needs so we do not interfere with current operations.

Revised: Thursday October 06 2016

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