For Immediate Release
April 12, 2001

Johann Manente
Supervisor, Existing Programs
Region of Peel
905-791-7800, Ext. 4816


(Brampton) - With the spring weather, your grass begins to grow…a lot! How much time do you spend each week cutting your grass, stopping every few turns to empty the grass catcher, shaking the clippings into a yard waste bag, then re-attaching the catcher? Or do you spend your time raking the grass into piles, which you then put into bags and carry to the curb on your collection day?

Make the most of your grass clippings by switching to the economical, environmentally friendly, time saving process of grasscycling.

Grasscycling means grass clippings are left on the lawn so that nature can return the nutrients stored in the grass back to the soil as these clippings decompose. Any lawnmower without a grass catcher will work; however, a mulching mower speeds up the grasscycling process.

"You can save as much as a third of your lawnmowing time by removing your grass catcher, and letting grass clippings stay on the lawn," said Gerald Dykstra, Technical Analyst for the Region of Peel. "In addition, grass clippings contain nutrients which act as a fertilizer, resulting in a reduction of excessive fertilizing in the spring."

Therefore, grass clippings left on your lawn are hard at work keeping your lawn healthy and green while you save time and money.

Sometimes grasscycling is not the most practical means of recycling grass clippings.

The following are additional recycling alternatives for your grass clippings:

Excess grass clippings left on your lawn after mowing can be collected and placed in your backyard composter (BYC). To allow appropriate air circulation in your composter, make sure to distribute clippings into thin, even layers, alternating with other compost materials.

Leftover clippings can also be taken to a Region of Peel recycling depot or Community Recycling Centre.

Residents are encouraged to grasscycle; however, clippings can be placed at the curb, in open reusable containers, paper yard waste bags, or bushel baskets for pick-up.

For more information on this or any other waste management program, please call the Region's WASTELINE at 905-791-9499. Residents in long distance areas of Caledon can call
905-584-2216, free of charge, and ask for the WASTELINE, or visit our
Web site at


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