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Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Mitch Zamojc
Commissioner of Public Works
Region of Peel
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Region of Peel's Water Ban is Responsible Reservoir Management

(Brampton) - Region of Peel Public Works Commissioner Mitch Zamojc said today that the current restrictions on all outdoor water use is not a reflection on the sufficiency of supplying drinking water to Peel residents under normal circumstances. "This restriction is entirely due to responsible decisions being made to ensure that all reservoirs are in good shape and pressure is maintained in all areas," said Zamojc.

Responding to erroneous statements that the ban casts doubt on the viability of an agreement between York Region and Peel Region for Peel to supply water to the western area of York, Zamojc reaffirmed that "Peel's systems have all the capacity necessary to meet Peel's needs now and in the future, and also to meet the requirements set out in this agreement with York Region. This will require new construction which is included in our Master Planning."

Zamojc added that a great many Ontario municipalities, including the City of Toronto, the City of Hamilton, the Region of York, the Region of Halton and the Region of Durham have all implemented similar water restrictions during this period of hot and dry weather. "None of these municipalities is at risk of running dry," said Zamojc.

Region of Peel Council voted on June 25, 2001 to finalize an agreement that will supply drinking water from the Lakeview Water Treatment Plant to serve the Region of York from 2004 until 2031. No water supply to York is to commence until a significant amount of construction has taken place.
The financial benefits for Peel from the water servicing agreement will be an estimated $152.4 million over the life of the agreement. Of the total, $52.4 million comes from York's buy-in costs; $8 million from capital cost savings; and $92 million from York's contribution to Peel's infrastructure reserve fund.

Under the agreement, York will receive water from Peel to meet its needs at a substantially lower cost than through other options under consideration.
"Through this agreement we both win. York will have a secure water supply and Peel will benefit financially, while ensuring the drinking water needs of Peel residents are met now and into the future," said Zamojc.

Highlights Of Peel and York Water Servicing Agreement

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