For Immediate Release
February 23, 2001

Rob Rivers
Acting Director, Waste Management
Region of Peel
905-791-7800, Ext. 4703


(Brampton) -Region of Peel Council yesterday passed a resolution permitting staff to negotiate a waste haulage contract with Republic Services of Canada to address the portion of Peel's waste that requires landfilling. This haulage solution is needed upon closure of the Britannia Sanitary Landfill Site. Britannia is scheduled to close between March and August of 2002.

"We have one of the best diversion programs in Ontario, and many new initiatives will be implemented over the next few years in accordance with our 20-year Long Term Waste Resource Management Strategy. We will be able to reduce reliance on landfill to a minimum. In the short, this interim solution is necessary for a portion of our waste," said Mitch Zamojc, Commissioner of Public Works at the Region of Peel.

A contract with Republic will mean approximately 15 trucks per day will be hauling Peel's waste to Michigan, for a total of 149,069 tonnes in the first year. This number will decrease as new diversion programs are implemented in Peel, reducing the amount of municipal solid waste which needs to be landfilled. In the interim, staff will continue to aggressively implement local solutions to manage Peel's waste.

"We currently have a 41 per cent diversion rate, and we are working towards reaching 70 per cent diversion between the years 2006 and 2008, as outlined in our Long Term Waste Resource Management Strategy," said Zamojc.

"Peel residents have been doing a great job in diverting waste by participating in our 3R programs such as recycling and composting," says Regional Chair Emil Kolb. "We intend to give residents more opportunities to divert waste by opening new Community Recycling Centres throughout the Region and by implementing new diversion programs. Regional Council continues to work with staff to find new in-Peel solutions."

Currently, approximately 59 per cent of Peel's residential solid waste, becomes fuel for the KMS Energy From Waste facility. This, coupled with Peel's diversion programs, will continue to mean any reliance on landfill is minimal. Future programs include a bag limit and the potential curbside collection of organics across the Region.


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