For Immediate Release
May 3, 2001

John Savage
Director, Water and Wastewater Treatment
Public Works
Region of Peel
905-791-7800, Ext. 4578


(Brampton) - The Region of Peel is continuing to investigate sources responsible for odours in the south area of Mississauga adjacent to the Lakeview Wastewater Treatment Plant.

In its efforts to mitigate odours in the area, the Region completed phase 1 in 2000, and has commenced the second phase of its Odour Control Management Strategy.

The second phase of this Odour Control Management Strategy will reduce odours from a broader range of sources, including open wastewater tanks and the wastewater collection system that conveys wastewater from the homes and businesses within the community. Peel's investigation will also identify other potential sources outside of the Region's control that may be impacting the community.

"Peel is committed to resolving this issue to minimize impact to the local community," says Regional Chair Emil Kolb,

The Region of Peel and the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA), the facility operator, have been adding chemical neutralizers to the wastewater as it enters the facility. These neutralizing chemicals will also be added at key locations within the collection system over the next few days.

The first phase of the Region's Odour Control Management Strategy, implemented in 1999, dealt with the most noxious odour emanating from the facility. The Region hired odour experts Zorix Consultants to pinpoint the sources and identify the best way to quickly contain and eliminate them. Based on Zorix's recommendations Region of Peel installed two Thermal Regenerative Oxidizers (TROs) and an odour collection system in 2000. These improvements substantially reduced odours to the community last year.

This year's dry spring conditions have contributed to odours being released from maintenance holes and plumbing stacks in the wastewater collection system as it approaches the Lakeview Facility. Lake-effect winds then disperse these odours into the local community.

"The Region is continuing to aggressively look for solutions to the remaining odours including trunk sewer effluent neutralization, full point and broad source odour containment and other sources in the community," says Mitch Zamojc, Commissioner of Public Works.

Residents can assist the Region of Peel by contacting the Odour Hotline at the Lakeview Control Room at 905-274-1223, Ext. 505, when a noxious odour is detected in the local area. This will help staff in determining the source of the odour, the degree of impact and measures required to resolve this issue.


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