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May 18, 2001

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Peel Heritage Complex
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Patrick Sibbald's Oil Paintings are on Display at the Peel Heritage Complex

(Brampton) - Patrick Sibbald is a Brampton artist who enjoys using oil to paint portraits, cultural scenes and natural settings. Twenty three of his paintings are on display at the Whitney Gallery at the Peel Heritage Complex from May 18 to July 15, 2001.

Sibbald's oil painting has developed through studying of early European painters and a rigorous training in copying their images. He began painting in full oils in the 50s and changed to water based oils in the early 90s. In preparing for his paintings, Sibbald uses both photographic studies and sketches with water-colour pencil of the person or setting. Although he allows himself freedom in establishing initial form, value and colour on the canvas, Sibbald works in somewhat methodical manner, focussing first on form and then on value and colour.

Initially, Sibbald followed a well worn painters' trail with painting landscapes; he was particularly interested in the colours of autumn.

"When I was able to slow down in my work and look around me, I was able to see a beauty which was now vibrant and now vigorous, a beauty which fascinated me because I had not really seen it since I was younger," says Sibbald. "It struck me that our surroundings are most often difficult to appreciate amid the normal distractions of our daily lives, and that it might be worthwhile capturing some of my experience in canvas."

After a while, Sibbald began to realize that something was missing from some landscapes.

"I had a dream in which portions of my painted landscape turned into people who were busy talking to no one while becoming a part of their surroundings," says the artist. "It seemed to me that some settings cried out to reflect our human relationship with natural environment; the next morning I added three children to a hillside autumn scene which I had begun."

Sibbald's family means a lot to the artist. Watching his own child and then his grandchildren grow up, he discovered that "there is a difference between adults and children in the sorts of messages they sent out about themselves without using the props of everyday adult life".

"It had led me to believe that children could be captured on canvas more naturally. And this I have attempted to do in my series of child paintings," says Sibbald.

A Brampton resident, Sibbald was born in 1932 and spent his early life in a rustic community on Lake Simcoe. Sibbald has exhibited his work previously with three other artists at the Link Gallery in Edwards Gardens, in Toronto.

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