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October 30, 2001

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Region of Peel Receives $29,215 to Evaluate Waste Residue Treatment Technology

(Brampton) - The Region of Peel has taken steps to strengthen environmental practices thanks to funding of $29,215 from the Green Municipal Funds (GMF) to evaluate the technical and economic viability of the Air Pollution Residue Extraction (APEX) Treatment System at the Region's KMS Peel Inc. incineration facility in Brampton. The project was announced today by Regional Chair Emil Kolb and Gurbax Singh Malhi, MP for Bramalea-Gore-Malton-Springdale.

"The Region continues to work hard to find effective and environmentally friendly ways to manage its waste," says Regional Chair Emil Kolb. "By partnering with the federal government and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, we have an opportunity to improve our own efforts to process ash residues and provide communities and industry across the country with information that can result in new ways being introduced to protect our environment."

The Government of Canada established the Green Municipal Funds (GMF) in its 2000 budget to stimulate investment in innovative municipal infrastructure projects and environmental practices in Canadian municipalities. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities manages the GMF.
The APEX study was supported by the Green Municipal Enabling Fund, a component fund which funds feasibility studies aimed at cutting polluting emissions to air, water or soil.

"This study addresses an important public concern about ensuring that the handling, treatment and disposal of ash residues is well managed and is environmentally safe," said Gurbax Singh Malhi, MP for Bramalea-Gore-Malton-Springdale. "I am very pleased that the Region has received funding to address this issue and that the federal government has partnered with the FCM to make these funds available."

The Region of Peel also contributed $29,215 to the study, which included several demonstration trials. The study involved a three-month trial of the APEX Treatment System, a Canadian developed and internationally patented technology that treats ash residues from air pollution control (APC) systems used in municipal solid waste incinerators. The APEX process is designed to extract and recover metals, such as lead (Pb), from the ash residues in the form of a highly concentrated metal precipitate which can then be recycled. The process renders the remaining ash residue non-hazardous and suitable for reuse in commercial construction applications, thereby avoiding landfill disposal.

"We appreciate the partnership of the federal government and FCM in helping us evaluate first-hand the feasibility of implementing the APEX Treatment System at the Region's incineration facility," says Mitch Zamojc, Commissioner of Public Works at the Region of Peel.

The President of APEX, Steven Sawell adds, "Our story is a prime example of how industry and all levels of government can collaborate to develop leading-edge environmental technologies with both domestic and global applications."

FCM has been the national voice of municipal governments since 1901. The Federation is dedicated to improving the quality of life in all communities by promoting strong, effective and accountable municipal government.

To date, 73 projects have received funding under the GMF with more than $4.1 million committed to municipal efforts to act on cleaner air, water, soil and climate change across Canada.

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