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For Immediate Release:
November 11, 2010

Peel Paramedics Awarded for Bravery and Exemplary Service

(from left to right): Standing proudly with Major General Richard Rohmer, PRPS Chief Dundas (far right) and Deputy Chief Addley(far left), recipients of the EMS Exemplary Service Award included Brenda Wilson Young, Sandra Kearsey, David Thompson and John Alan Thomson.

AMEMSO officials present the Award of Bravery to Caitlin Wenckstern and Chief Dundas, accepting the award on behalf of Patrick Chatelain who is currently serving in Afghanistan.

BRAMPTON, ON. (Nov. 10, 2010) – Rescuing three men from an overturned burning minivan and tending to the four others thrown from the vehicle earned real-life superheroes Patrick Chatelain and Caitlin Wenckstern an award for bravery. Four colleagues and fellow superheroes swooped in to capture exemplary service awards from Major General Richard Rohmer at this year’s Association of Municipal Emergency Medical Services of Ontario Conference.

“Acting quickly whether on or off duty just happens - it’s what we do; it’s who we are,” said Peel Paramedic Caitlin Wenckstern and winner of AMEMSO’s Award of Bravery.

Patrick and Caitlin were off duty when they came across the terrible highway accident in 2007. After extinguishing the fire on the overturned minivan with an extinguisher from his trunk and freeing three men trapped inside, Patrick worked with Caitlin and three other emergency service professionals to keep four critically injured men thrown from the vehicle alive.

Major-General Richard Rohmer presented the Governor General’s Exemplary Service Medal for EMS on behalf of Governor General Michaelle Jean to Sandra Kearsey, David Thompson, John Alan Thomson and Brenda Wilson Young on Sept. 30, 2010.

As she described the freezing cold night she and a paramedic student delivered a baby after searching an underground parking garage to find their pregnant patient on the cement floor, the passion in Peel Paramedic Brenda Wilson Young’s voice was clear. “This job has really taught me how to make the most of some really difficult situations,” said the 25-year veteran.

Brenda began her career in Peel as the first full-time female paramedic of the Lee Ambulance Service in Streetsville. She has also been an active volunteer in her Milton and adopted Streetsville community, where she gave her time to the Girl Guides of Canada and local events like Santa Claus parades, job fairs and career days.

“These folks are a testament to the kind of dedication and professionalism paramedics bring to the job and people they care for no matter where and when emergencies happen,” says Peter Dundas, Chief Peel Regional Paramedic Services (PRPS).

Peel Paramedics respond to more than 80,000 emergency medical calls every year. For more information about PRPS, visit www.peelems.ca or call 905-791-7800, ext. 3956.

The Regional Municipality of Peel was incorporated in 1974 on the principle that certain community and infrastructure services are most cost-effectively administered over a larger geographic area. The Region of Peel serves more than one million residents in the Cities of Mississauga and Brampton and the Town of Caledon. For more information on the Region of Peel, please call 905-791-7800, or visit www.peelregion.ca.



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