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For Immediate Release:
June 18, 2012

Peel Public Health Warns Residents to Reduce the Risk From Tattoos and Piercings

BRAMPTON, ON. June 14, 2012 The increased popularity of tattoos and body piercings means that more tattoo/piercing studios and salons are emerging to meet a growing demand for these services. Peel Public Health is alerting residents regarding the risk associated with tattoos or piercings obtained from uninspected establishments. Peel Public Health is offering education along with a list of inspected establishments to help residents reduce their risk for contracting infection or disease.

To protect the public’s health, Peel public health inspectors conduct regular inspections of personal services settings offering services such as tattoos, body and ear piercings, manicures, pedicures, hairdressing/barbering, permanent make-up, spa treatments, hair removal (waxing, electrolysis, laser, etc.) and facials. Inspections ensure minimum standards for cleaning, disinfection and basic infection control practices to prevent infection and transmission of blood-borne illnesses such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV.

Peel Public Health recently received complaints regarding tattoo and piercing services in uninspected establishments such as private homes. Most home establishments are not under inspection. Uninspected establishments present a risk of infection and disease from equipment that is not properly sterilized.

“We are publishing a list of inspected salons and studios to encourage residents to ensure they are seeking personal services from reputable operators in inspected establishments. Our goal is to provide the education and information residents require to reduce their risk of infection,” says Paul Callanan, Director, Environmental Health, Region of Peel.

If getting a tattoo or piercing, residents are encouraged to select an inspected establishment and to learn what to expect from the service. Sterile needles should be used for each tattoo or piercing and the artist should wash his/her hands and wear new gloves before performing any tattoo or piercing. As well, artists should not be re-dipping needles in ink used on other clients. Jewelry used for piercing should be packaged and made of high-grade, sterile surgical steel or gold and piercing guns should be used only for lobes – other piercings require a new, individually packaged, sterile needle.

If residents want more information about safety in personal services settings or have a complaint about a personal services setting, they can contact a public health inspector at Peel Public Health by calling 905-799-7700 or visit the Public Health website at peelregion.ca/health/pss/.



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