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Unknown Brampton woman thanks Peel paramedics

It was the beginning of a shift on a cold and cloudy March day when Peel Regional Paramedic Luciano Serafino stopped for a coffee at a local Tim Hortons in Brampton. As he stood in line, an elderly woman approached him to ask how his day was going and said she hoped he was going to have a quiet day.

After some small talk, the woman handed him a piece of paper and said she’d been waiting for an opportunity to give this to a Peel paramedic in person. Before getting a chance to read it, the woman left. The piece of folded paper was dated Dec. 7, 2010 and had a handwritten poem entitled Paramedics.

Very moved by the poem, Luciano wished he had a chance to give the woman a big hug and express how much it means to paramedics to know that they are appreciated.

“It made me really proud of what we do and what an influence that has on the people that we help,” said Serafino. “It was an honour to receive it on behalf of all paramedics.”

Whoever, this woman is, all of Peel’s paramedics want to say thank you for taking the time to share your poem.

Revised: Tuesday July 19 2011


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