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Mississauga Golfer Comes Back to Life

Moments after being revived the patient began to speak.

Peel Paramedics Craig MacCalman, Chris Roche and student Andrew Um knew this would be a call to remember.

“From the actions of the trained bystanders to the co-ordinated and effective paramedic and fire team response, you could not ask for a better example of how a successful cardiac arrest call happens,” said MacCalman.

Grateful to find that CPR had been started and an automatic external defibrillator used, paramedics Craig, Chris and paramedic student Andrew quickly took over patient care. Also working with Mississauga Fire, the team continued CPR making sure there was almost no pause before delivering a manual shock to the patient's heart.

Andrew Um said his paramedic partners co-ordinated the CPR so seamlessly that hands only came off the chest for split seconds to deliver a shock to the heart.

For the heart to be shocked back into its normal rhythm with defibrillation, blood has to be flowing well (effective CPR can do this temporarily). Giving the shock immediately after pausing from CPR increases the heart's ability to begin beating normally on its own.

After three shocks, the patient's pulse returned and the same person who lay lifeless on a golf course was breathing on his own and pulling at the airway device that paramedics put in his mouth.

“Typically, patients who suffer cardiac arrest and are revived don't begin conversing with you immediately after,” said Roche “It truly is one of those calls you won't forget.”

Hands-only CPR when done immediately and effectively is a great life-saving tool that everyone can learn in minutes. The potential to save a life is literally in your hands.

CPR courses are available through The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, The Canadian Red Cross, the Peel Paramedic Association or St. John Ambulance.


In an emergency, always call 9-1-1

Revised: Wednesday June 19 2013


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