Region of Peel Invests in Life-Saving Technology

Paul Snobelen poses with the first AED installed at 10 Peel.

Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere - in the stairwell at 10 Peel, the parking lot at 7120 or a meeting room at Wolfedale. Do you know what to do if a colleague stops breathing?

If you’re in a Region of Peel building, you’ll soon be able to reach for one of 80 AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators) that are being installed in our publically-accessed facilities, as part of Paramedic Service’s PAD (Public Access Defibrillator)

An AED is a small electronic device used to restart a person’s heart if it has stopped beating normally.

"If someone near you has collapsed and is unresponsive, immediately call 911, start chest compressions, and send someone to get the AED," explains Paul Snobelen, Community Safety Programs Specialist.

"These devices are designed so that people with no medical experience can use them. All you need to do is push the power button and follow the audio prompts."

The first AED was installed outside Council Chambers at 10 Peel in May. By October, there will be an AED on every floor (typically near the elevators) at 10 Peel, 7120 Hurontario and other publically-accessed locations.

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