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We want input and feedback on our reports and recommended directions on key issues relating to climate change in Peel.

Be sure to review our Comment Forum Guidelines before posting.

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Climate Change Strategy for the Geographic Region of Peel: Workshop #1 [PDF, 40 pages, 3.08MB]

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Objectives and Agenda
Summary of Key Themes
Concurrent Break-out Group Discussions
Comments and Next Steps

Adaptation Background Report Peel Climate Change Strategy [PDF, 155 pages, 6.96MB]

Please indicate which area you are commenting on, if any:

Climate Change Context
Policy Context
Ongoing Activities by the Project Partners
Emerging Practices from Other Jurisdictions
Considerations for an Adaptation Monitoring Framework
Conclusions and Next Steps

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Comment Forum Guidelines

Our Comment Forum reflects diverse topics of comments, and we hope that you enjoy the postings and ongoing dialogue.

Please read and be aware of our guidelines regarding copyright and unsuitable content.


Since our Comment Forum is "public", other users will have access to your posted material and might copy, modify or distribute it. By submitting or posting content here, you agree that you are the owner of such material or have authorization to distribute it.

Once you post content in these Message Boards, you expressly grant the Regional Municipality of Peel the complete right to use, reproduce, modify, distribute, etc. the content in any form, anywhere.

Modifying or removing unsuitable content

We, the Region of Peel, reserve the right to modify or remove any posting that, in our judgment, does not constitute a suitable comment of Peel's strategic plan for combating climate change.

Content that isn't suitable for posting includes:

  • Any off-topic comment not related to climate change.
  • Explicit, obscene or racially offensive language.
  • Threatening, harassing, abusive, slanderous or illegal content.
  • Products or services for sale, solicitations or advertisements.

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