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Our Success
Our Journey

Our Success:

Since 2001,the Region of Peel has been working to secure key natural heritage features and areas in Peel with these key partners:

Through the Greenlands Securement Program, the Region has granted funding to permanently protect 17 properties for a total of 359 hectares (889 acres). We will continue to work with our partners to protect and enhance the Region’s Greenlands System through greenlands securement.

Lands Secured through Peel Greenlands Securement Program
2013 Credit Valley Conservation with Ontario Farmland Trust 1 conservation easement 41 hectares
(100 acres)
2012 Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust 1 conservation easement 4 hectares
(10 acres)
2011 Credit Valley Conservation 2 properties 40 hectares
(99 acres)
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority 2 properties 105 hectares
(259 acres)
2010 Credit Valley Conservation 2 properties
1 conservation easement
106 hectares
(262 acres)
Credit Valley Conservation with City of Mississauga 2 properties 1.25 hectares
(3 acres)
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority 1 property 2 hectares
(6 acres)
2009 Credit Valley Conservation 1 property 4 hectares
(10 acres)
2008 Credit Valley Conservation 2 properties 17 hectares
(41 acres)
2007 Toronto and Region Conservation Authority 1 property 2 hectares
(5 acres)
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust 1 property with conservation easement 37 hectares
(92 acres)

Learn more about the state of Peel’s Greenlands System and the Region’s partnership with Conservation Authorities.

Our Journey


Peel Commits to Greenlands Securement

The Regional municipalities of Peel, York and Durham work together to develop the award-winning report, The Oak Ridges Moraine Proposals for the Protection and Management of a Unique Landscape.

The report outlines an inter-Regional strategy for protecting the Oak Ridges Moraine; defines the concept of greenlands securement for the partnering municipalities; and offers recommendations for establishing Regional greenlands securement projects.


Peel Hosts a Stakeholder Workshop

Peel’s Planning department hosts a workshop for over 30 delegates representing various conservation agencies and community groups. The workshop identifies a role for the Region as a funding partner; as a facilitator between the various agencies and groups; and as an information provider to the stakeholders.


Peel Council Approves Interim Protocol for Funding Requests

Peel Regional Council approves an interim protocol for accepting and reviewing funding requests submitted by Credit Valley Conservation and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority for greenlands securement projects. This protocol is sustained until Regional staff identifies a set source of funding for a Regional Greenlands Securement Project and a memorandum of understanding is signed between the Region and the Conservation Authorities.

CVC Releases Its Greenlands Securement Strategy

Credit Valley Conservation’s Greenlands Securement Strategy offers a comprehensive list of actions to encourage the CVC and its partners to work together to preserve and improve the natural environment in the Credit Watershed.


Peel Council Helps CVC Acquire “Upper Credit River Conservation Area”

Under the interim protocol, Regional Council grants funding to the Credit Valley Conservation to help acquire the Upper Credit River Conservation Area, in the Town of Caledon.

Region Commits to Fund Greenlands Securement

Regional Council establishes a Greenlands Securement Reserve account and associated Land Securement Capital Project to help Credit Valley Conservation and Toronto Region Conservation Authority implement greenlands securement strategies.


Peel Council Inaugurates the Greenlands Securement Subcommittee

Regional Council establishes the Greenlands Securement Subcommittee (GSSC) to administer the Greenlands Securement Project.

TRCA Updates Its Greenlands Acquisition Project

The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority updates its Greenlands Acquisition Project 2006-2010.


Initiation of Greenlands Securement Project

Region of Peel enters into agreements with the Credit Valley Conservation, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust as Conservation Partners to secure greenlands as one means of achieving a shared responsibility of protecting, maintaining, and enhancing the quality and integrity of ecosystems.

The first Conservation Partner projects are supported with funding from the Greenlands Securement Program.


Canadian Institute of Planners Recognizes Peel Greenlands Securement Project

The Peel Greenlands Securement Project partners received an Award for Excellence honourable mention from the Canadian Institute of Planners for Environmental Planning.


Renewed Commitment to Greenlands Securement

Implementation of the Greenlands Securement Project was reviewed with the GSSC, Conservation Partners and external groups. Recognition of the successful first three years of implementation gave support for long term commitment to a renewed Greenlands Securement Program.

Region of Peel brings in the Bruce Trail Conservancy as a Conservation Partner with a specific interest in securing a permanent conservation corridor along the Niagara Escarpment.

TRCA Updates Its Greenlands Acquisition Project

The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority updates its Greenlands Acquisition Project 2011-2015.



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