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Employment Areas

The Provincial Policy Statement, Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe and Planning and Conservation Land Statute Law Amendment Act (Bill 51) provide policies aimed at protection of employment lands.  

As Peel Region’s population increases, it’s crucial to ensure that employment lands can accommodate employment growth, as well as live/work opportunities within the area.  Opportunities to live/work within the same area can help to reduce energy consumption and air pollution. 

As a result, this area of the Peel ROP Review has two main objectives:

  • collaborate with area municipalities and use information based from the area municipalities to determine if there is enough to meet the 2031 job forecasts and if not to identify new employment lands; and,
  • develop broad, strategic policies to allow the employment areas in the vicinity of the Lester B. Pearson airport to be developed to their full potential

Specifically, the Growth Plan gives the Region responsibility for achieving key elements of its planning framework, characterized generally by a shift in the amount and location of growth, toward greater intensification and higher densities.  Implementation of this planning framework will require interpreting and applying this framework to the unique context of the Peel economy.

Although further work will be ongoing through the balance of 2008, a clear picture of the issues affecting employment lands planning at the Regional level in Peel has emerged. 

The Employment and Employment Lands Discussion Paper (1.07 MB, 79 pages) includes preliminary results of technical exercises and reviews that support amendments to the Regional Official Plan.
Stakeholders are invited to comment on this paper, or on any other focus areas of the Peel Region Official Plan Review.  Comments received will help guide the Region as it reviews and considers further updates to the Peel Region Official Plan.

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