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Section 4.2.4, A Culture of Conservation from the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe is the main driver for energy policies for the Peel ROP Review. 

The main areas to be reviewed include:

  • alternative energy generation and distribution;
  • energy demand management;
  • energy-efficient buildings; and
  • land-use patterns. 
The Peel ROP Review will include:
  • assessment of the current energy situation;
  • research trends and future needs related to energy in Peel;
  • a review of policy directives in provincial plans and legislation;
  • identification of existing energy related policy gaps in the Peel ROP;
  • consultation with area municipalities and stakeholders; and
  • preparation of broad strategic policies for incorporation into the Peel ROP and identify possible policies for consideration by area municipalities

In addition, the Region hosted a workshop to examine potential energy policies that can be considered for the Official Plan to promote efficient, energy generation, alternative energy systems, energy conservation and improved air quality through land use and development patterns. A summary of the workshop is available (PDF 289 KB, 14 pages).

In October 2008, the Region also released the Energy Discussion Paper, which aims to to advance discussions about alternative energy systems, the energy aspects of transportation planning and improved air quality through land use and development patterns for the long-term sustainability of Peel.

Stakeholders are invited to comment on this paper, or on any other focus areas of the Peel Region Official Plan Review. Comments received will help guide the Region as it reviews and considers further updates to the Peel Region Official Plan.

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