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Focus Areas: Climate Change

Climate change can be defined as any change in climate over time, whether due to natural changes or as a result of human activity. For Peel, this means that we will experience hotter summers, warmer winters, and more frequent and extreme weather events.

Peel 2041: Regional Official Plan Review is considering climate change as a focus area because it is a matter of provincial interest as outlined in the draft Provincial Policy Statement (PPS). The draft PPS states that planning authorities are required to consider potential impacts of climate change adaptation and mitigation when planning for infrastructure and public service facilities. From a planning perspective, this means planning to encourage transit-friendly, compact form development.

The Region, the local municipalities and conservation authorities, are taking a proactive approach to address climate change through the Peel Climate Change Strategy, which contains actions to adapt to and mitigate against the impacts of climate change. To learn more about the Region's effort to combat climate change, visit www.peelregion.ca/climatechange.

Low Impact Development Example:
Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) -
Elm Drive Road Retrofit Project

The Peel District School Board has partnered with the City of Mississauga and Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) to develop a "Green Street" pilot project for Elm Drive located approximate 2 blocks south of Square One in Mississauga. More recently, increases in the frequency of severe rain events has raised concern over urban flooding. To help address rising concern over urban flooding, the Elm Drive pilot project will incorporate green features such as permeable pavement and bioretention planters that will filter and store water washing off roads and parking lots before entering Cooksville Creek and Lake Ontario.

Low Impact Development Practices Implemented

A bioretention planter is a stormwater management technique that uses the chemical, biological, and physical properties of plants and soils to treat stormwater runoff. They are designed to mimic natural conditions promoting infiltration, retention, and the slow release of stormwater runoff. Gravel filled trenches were installed beneath the planters to provide additional storage for larger storm events up to the 100 year return period.

Permeable paving stone parking lay-bys increase stormwater infiltration by allowing water to soak into the joints between the paving stones and into the ground.

LID Development Plan on Elm


Adaptation: actions taken to adjust to the impacts of climate change.
Mitigation: actions taken to reduce or prevent the emission of greenhouse gases.

For more information, email the Planner or call (905) 791-7800 ext. 4364.

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