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Focus Areas: Housing

sidewalkRegional Council has identified the priority of increasing the supply of affordable housing in Peel. These actions include:

  • Establishing affordable housing as a Term of Council Priority (ToCP) in the Strategic Plan 2015-2035.
  • Approving the Renewed Peel Housing and Homelessness Plan (2018-2028), with intentional and measureable short-term and long-term outcomes, affordable housing targets, and action-oriented strategies.
  • Supporting planning staff as they create and revise housing policies and housing targets in the Regional Official Plan, under the Housing Component of Peel 2041: Regional Official Plan Review.

Most recently, staff successfully completed the 2018 Peel Housing Needs Assessment, through a collaborative approach. As a result of this Needs Assessment, the 2018 Housing and Homelessness Plan (PHHP) and the 2018 Peel Housing Strategy (PDF) were developed.

The Housing Strategy is a planning document that satisfies the requirements of the 2017 Provincial Growth Plan. The Housing Strategy was strategically designed to also inform the Renewed PHHP, Peel 2041 Regional Official Plan Review and growth management work. The Housing Strategy has four major components:

  • Housing Needs Assessment
  • Long- and Short- Term Outcomes and Targets
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Region and Partners
  • Financial Incentives and Planning Tools

The Housing Strategy is a technical document created in partnership with SHS Consulting. The context of this work outlines potential strategies and planning tools that are at the Region's disposal. This information will be used to develop the final policies, programs, and initiatives for actual implementation.

To learn more about the interconnected nature of housing in Peel, check out the following diagram!

Diagram: Affordable Housing at the Region of Peel (PDF)

Peel 2041 Housing Focus Area

As part of the current Regional Official Plan Review, the housing focus area involves proposing policies with the key objective of increasing affordable housing supply. These proposed policies will respond to the 2018 Housing Strategy and other provincial drivers, such as the 2017 Growth Plan including implementation of provincially mandated Regional Official Plan Annual Minimum New Housing Unit Targets, and  Planning Act changes resulting from the Strong Communities through Affordable Housing Act, 2011 (Bill 140) and Promoting Affordable Housing Act, 2016 (Bill 7).

The updated housing policies in the Regional Official Plan will include housing policies regarding:

  • Supply of affordable housing;
  • Retention of existing rental housing stock;
  • Energy efficient housing;
  • Housing options for persons with special needs and diverse populations;
  • Barriers to accessing housing; and
  • Required affordable housing targets.

Next Steps + Consultation

In order to update the Housing Focus Area in the Regional Official Plan, staff have previously developed the Affordable Housing Background Paper.

Staff will utilize the recent 2018 Housing Strategy in tandem with the Affordable Housing Background Paper to draft housing policies as part of the Peel 2041 work including informing a future Regional Official Plan Amendment. These draft policies will undergo consultation with internal and external stakeholders.

Stay tuned for more information regarding consultation opportunities!

For more information, email the Principal Planner or call (905) 791-7800 ext. 4024.


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