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Greenbelt Conformity

The Peel ROP requires an amendment to include a Protected Countryside Land Designation and other geographic-specific policies related to the Greenbelt Plan.

An implementation process, similar to Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan conformity exercise, will also be required. In order to meet the conformity requirements of the Greenbelt Plan, policy and mapping in the Peel ROP will be targeted.

The Greenbelt Plan Policy Review Background Paper summarizes the different elements of the Greenbelt Plan policy that require consideration for potential ROP amendment. The paper lays out the Region's preferred approach for Greenbelt Conformity and makes recommendations on the broader structural changes that are required to create the necessary framework for the logical and rational amendment of the Plan. In the case of Greenbelt Policy Section 3.1 (Agricultural System) and 3.2 (Natural System) the specific recommendations for policy conformity will be derived from other focus area discussion papers, namely the Natural Heritage Policy Review Discussion Paper and the Agriculture Discussion Paper.

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