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Proposed Expansion of Mayfield West Phase 2 Stage 2

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the proposed expansion of Mayfield West Phase 2 Stage 2. Below, you will find information on this key development in our Region.

Project Background

Expansion of the Mayfield West Rural Service Centre by approximately 105 hectares and 8500 people and jobs is recommended to be considered as part of the draft Growth Management ROPA.

Located in the southwest part of the Town of Caledon, the Rural Service Centre of Mayfield West is planned to be a compact, vibrant, well integrated community intended to achieve a net ecological gain, support a range and mix of housing, promote walking, cycling and future transit opportunities, and maximize conservation of water, waste and energy.

Through ROPA 29, the Mayfield West settlement boundary (Mayfield West Phase 2) was expanded and added approximately 207.5 hectares of developable lands to the Regional Official Plan to implement the 2031A population and employment forecasts allocated to the Town of Caledon as part of ROPA 24. Although the planning work contemplated a larger community consistent with more logical neighbourhood planning boundaries, the Town of Caledon chose to limit the original expansion in order to meet specific density and allocation targets associated with Provincial Growth Plan compliance at that time.

Based on the review of the work to date, continued expansion of Mayfield West through the proposed settlement expansion appears to represent a logical and integrated approach to support the Region in meeting the 2017 Provincial growth plan targets. The expansion would also be consistent with achieving greenfield area density targets of 80 people and jobs per hectare and minimum intensification targets set out in the Growth Plan.

List of Studies

Regional staff received a planning justification report and updated technical studies to support an expansion to the Mayfield West settlement area to implement the 2031 and 2041 Growth Plan population and employment forecast as part of the Region's current Growth Plan conformity amendment process. Please click on links below to access a copy of the planning justification report and supporting studies:

Project Next Steps

Regional staff will continue to review the planning justification, MCR requirements and technical matters.  Final recommendations by Peel staff regarding the proposed Mayfield West Phase 2, Stage 2 settlement expansion will be made at the time of final recommendations on the draft Growth Management ROPA. Alternatively, if this technical process is still underway, settlement expansion for Mayfield West would need to be considered through a subsequent ROPA process.

Additional work to be undertaken in support of the proposed settlement expansion includes:

  • addressing technical comments on background reports;
  • further review of land use concepts demonstrating complete and healthy community principles;
  • the CEISMP currently being reviewed by Regional and TRCA staff;
  • review against final infrastructure and financial policy details from the Regions' Growth Management Program; and
  • consideration of consultation results.

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