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Peel Agricultural Advisory Working Group (PAAWG)


The Region of Peel, in partnership with Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) and Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA), have developed the Peel Rural Water Quality Program (PRWQP) to support agricultural landowners as they try to make a better connection between agriculture, rural land use and the environment.

This program was developed with input from local farmers and residents as well as representatives from the Peel Federation of Agriculture and the Peel Soil and Crop Improvement Association.

The program provides technical and financial resources to qualified rural landowners to continue their efforts as environmental stewards.

What projects are eligible for funding?

The following is a list of projects that are eligible for funding. The list is not exclusive. If you have a project that is not on this list, contact conservation authority staff, you may still be eligible for funding as well as technical support. Well capping is available directly through the Region of Peel for all landowners.

For more information, please refer to the Peel Rural Water Quality Program Guidelines
(PDF 414KB, 42 pages)

Eligible Project Grant Rate Grant Cap
Barnyard Runoff Control & Clean Water Diversion 50% $10,000
Cover Crops $100/acre up to 50 acres*
Education & Training 100%** $1,000
Erosion Control Structures 70% $10,000
Fuel & Chemical Storage 50% $3,000
Integrated Pest Management 50% $5,000
Irrigation Management 50% $10,000
Livestock Fencing from Environmentally Sensitive Features 80%*** $20,000
Manure Storage & Handling Systems and Composting Facilities 50% $25,000
Milkhouse Washwater Disposal 50% $10,000
Natural Area Enhancement & Creation 100% $20,000
Nutrient Management Plan 70%**** $3,000
Nutrient Management Strategy 70%**** $2,000
Private Well Abandonment Offered through the Region of Peel
Private Well Upgrade 50% $3,000
Silage Storage Enhancement & Relocation 50% $15,000
Tree Planting 100% $10,000

* Limited to a maximum of 50 ac/farm business over the life of the program
** Limited to once per year
*** 100% grant rate will apply on materials only if installed by landowner
**** Only available to farms not currently phased into nutrient management legislation

Who Do I Contact For More Information?

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
Phone: 416-661-6600 ext. 5349
Email: ruralwater@trca.on.ca
Credit Valley Conservation
Phone: 1-800-668-5557 ext. 430
Email: ruralwater@creditvalleyca.ca

PAAWG, Principal Planner
Region of Peel
Integrated Planning Division,
Corporate Services

Phone: 905-791-7800 ext. 4749
Toll free: 1-888-919-7800 ext. 4749
Email: PAAWG@peelregion.ca

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