Caledon Transportation - Needs Study

As the most northerly of three area municipalities within the Regional Municipality of Peel and a distinct rural area, the Town of Caledon is under increasing pressure from population and employment growth in Caledon and the surrounding Counties and Regions. Over the next 20 years the Town is expected to realize significant growth (from a population of 51,000 to a population of 84,000). Given this growth and current traffic levels there is pressure to review the local and regional roads and highway corridors to determine the best ways to serve the growing inter-regional traffic.

The Caledon Transportation Needs Study is being undertaken jointly by the Town of Caledon and the Region of Peel. The goals of the study are:

  • to develop an effective, efficient and coordinated transportation strategy that provides an appropriate network and hierarchy of roads to service existing and future land use patterns, and
  • to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of people and goods within and through the Town of Caledon.

Some of the issues that are addressed in the study include:

  • Overall transportation infrastructure and services needed to support the existing and projected population and employment growth to the year 2031
  • Inter-regional travel demands, including traffic composition and volumes, and travel patterns
  • The role and function of the existing and future road network
  • The protection of transportation corridors to meet the existing and future needs
  • The need for public/private transit service, as warranted by economic feasibility and service demand

The study was completed in September, 2004.

The full report is available, on request, from Eric Chan, Transportation Planner.

Summary of findings:

  • Roads in Caledon have to accommodate an unusually high proportion of through trips
  • Currently 42% of peak period auto trips are long idstance trips that pass directly through Caledon

Summary of recommendations:

  • The study has recommended specific transportation corridors needs in Caledon road network
  • Other options such as public transit system services and travel demand management have been explored
  • There is no urgency for the Province to complete the Highway extension projects in the northern Peel vicinity to improve through traffic in Caledon

For further information contact Murray McLeod, Transportation Manager.

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Revised: Tuesday January 22 2013

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