Goods Movement Study in Peel

Strategic Overview

The effective movement of goods is important to Peel's industries, jobs and quality of life. A Goods Movement study is being undertaken by Peel Region in cooperation with the area municipalities. It is the first such study done in Peel and will lead to new policies to be included in the Regional Official Plan Strategic Update (ROPSU). The report provides an overview of goods movement in the Region by truck, rail, air and even pipeline. Freight has been one of the fastest growing activities in our transportation system, spurred by a healthy manufacturing sector in the Region. Growth trends are reviewed locally, provincially and globally to assess the impacts to the Region of Peel.

The goals of the study are:

  • Provide an overview of the nature of goods movement, existing major freight flows and related issues in Peel Region today, and anticipated future directions and challenges
  • Develop goods movement policy options that address current issues and future challenges, while recognizing the critical role of goods movement to Peel's economic health.

The objectives of this study include:

  • Develop a perspective of the current goods movement activity within Peel Region, with an emphasis on trucking. The overview includes developing an understanding of the businesses that generate the freight flows
  • Examine the future of goods movement in Peel Region in the 10, 20 and 30 year timeframes
  • Consult with key Stakeholders to identify current issues, future challenges, potential opportunities and solutions for goods movement today and in the future
  • Develop and assess strategic policy options to address current issues and emerging challenges
  • Identify the need for further data collection and the requirement for additional work in support of long term planning
  • Evaluate and recommend appropriate goods movement performance indicators and monitoring methods

The first phase of the study was completed in November, 2004 and was recently endorsed by Regional Council.

The report can also be obtained by contacting Brian Lakeman, Transportation Planner.

Findings from this study:

  • Congestion and unreliability loom as major transportation network problems
  • Goods movement data are lacking
  • Coordination of goods movement issues across governments and stakeholders is limited

Recommendations from this study:

  • Develop a goods movement network in Peel to improve, prioritize and preserve goods movement corridors
  • Form a goods movement liaison team including all levels of government and private sector to promote partnership on identifying innovative solutions for goods movement issues in Peel
  • Encourage the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario to take a leadership role in maintaining and strengthening the goods movement system in the province and urge them to make needed improvements to the Ontario Highway system in support of goods movement in Peel and the Golden Horseshoe


The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario has recently released a technical report entitled "Goods Movement in Central Ontario: Trends & Issues" (December 2004). It explores the goods movement system in Central Ontario at a provincial, national, and global level. The messages from the report are in support of the content in the Peel Goods Movement Study. A copy of the Provincial report is available for download from iTrans Consulting's website.

For further information contact Sabbir Saiyed, Manager, Transportation System Planning.

Revised: Tuesday January 22 2013

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