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Construction in Peel: Brampton

Construction of Two Watermains and a Sanitary Sewer on Mississauga Road

We have finished the work. The project is under warranty until November 2017.

Project Description

This construction consists of the installation of 1,200mm and 600mm watermains, and a 1200mm diameter sanitary sewer using a combination of tunnelling and open cut trenching construction methods along Mississauga Road between the south side of Bovaird Drive to the future Sandalwood Parkway intersection.


Construction commenced at the beginning of February 2013 and is anticipated to be completed by March 2015 with restoration scheduled for April/May 2015.

Contact Information

Region of Peel Personnel
Contact Person Responsibilities Telephone Number
Grace Krasowski Project Manager 905-791-7800, ext. 7820
Harry Flynn Site Inspector 416-254-3784
Len Gardiner Road Operations 905-866-9266
Consultant Personnel
Waqar Cheema Project Manager 226-979-1964
Kevin Waher Contract Administrator 905-315-3526
Stan Angrilli Site Inspector 16-988-6342

The Region encourages you to notify the above contact persons to advise them of any problems or particular needs you may have as it relates to this project.

Driveway access

During the construction, the new watermain and trench will cross driveways and partially or temporarily block driveway access to residential homes, commercial properties and land development access roads.

Our construction team site staff will contact you directly at least one week prior to crossing your driveway to arrange for the best time and for alternate access, if required. Additional signs will be placed if alternate routes are required.

Full pedestrian access will be maintained at all times to residential homes, commercial properties and land development access roads. If you have particular needs, please contact us ahead of time and we will attempt to accommodate them.

Project updates

The Region of Peel is committed to keeping residents informed and ensuring that the work is carried out with minimum disruption to local homes and businesses.

If there are any substantial changes in the project scope or schedule, local residents will be provided with project updates at their home or business.

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Revised: Monday July 11 2016


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