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Construction in Peel: Mississauga

Twinning of West Trunk Sewer, Contract 1

Construction Activity

McNally Construction Inc. on behalf of the Region of Peel will be completing the construction of the Twinning of the West Trunk Sewer, Contract 1 in the City of Mississauga. The construction of the 2400mm diameter sanitary gravity sewer will be constructed in tunnel and will be commencing this month.

This project consists of the construction of approximately 9,775m of 2400mm diameter trunk sanitary sewer to be constructed by tunnelling along Erin Mills Parkway, Argentia Road and Creditview Road, and for the construction of approximately 542m of 400mm diameter PVC watermain along Creditview Road.

The work to be done includes the excavation of ten tunnel access shafts, mining utilizing tunnel boring equipment, sanitary sewer construction including maintenance holes and restoration of all work areas.

Construction activities will be contained within construction compounds that will be completely surrounded with fenced hoarding and will be located away from the traveled roadway of Erin Mills Parkway to minimize any traffic impacts.


If you have any questions please contact the personnel listed below.

Region of Peel Personnel
Regional Personnel Contractor Personnel (McNally Construction Inc.) Consultant Personnel (GENIVAR
Ajay Puri, Project Manager
Phone: 905-791-7800 Ext 5073
Brent Dubblestyne, Site Superintendent
Phone: 416-891-9375
Eddie Chan, Resident Inspector
Phone: 416-417-2498
Steve Mahaney, Inspector
Phone: 905-791-7800 Ext 3246
Jeff Reid, Project Manager
Phone: 416-676-1741
Chad Stephen, Project Manager
Phone: 905-475-8727 Ext 18226

Project Updates

The Region of Peel is committed to keeping you informed and ensuring that the works are carried out with minimum disruption. If there are substantial changes in the project scope or schedule, you will be provided with project updates. We also encourage you to notify the appropriate contact person to advise them of any problems or particular needs.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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Revised: Friday August 10 2018


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