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Public Works Construction

Construction in Peel: Mississauga

Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
Temporary Sewer Service Disruption
Project 14-2315

We have completed the work. The project is under warranty until September 2018.

Construction Activity

Please note that the Region of Peel has contracted Capital Sewer Services Inc. to rehabilitate the sanitary sewer on your street using the trenchless technology process. While not much can be seen from the surface, specialized equipment such as vacuum trucks, generators, robot cameras, and robot cutters are used by the Contractor to perform the underground work.


As part of the rehabilitation process, your sewer service will be out of service (plugged) for approximately 6 hours. Rehabilitation works in your neighborhood are scheduled to commence in the coming weeks, starting February 2015. Anticipated completion of the works by the end of May 2015, weather permitting. Capital Sewer Services Inc. will provide additional notification to the affected residents 48 hours prior to commencing work. This temporary interruption to your sewer service allows for the repair of the street sewer without digging up the street.

During this time, please minimize your water usage as follow:

  1. Do not use showers, baths, tubs, sinks, dishwashers or laundry washers
  2. Keep toilet flushing to a minimum

These measures will reduce the possibility of sewage flows backing up into the basement or plumbing. If you have a sump pump, please call the Contractor’s on-site supervisor.

You may also experience some associated odours as a result of the synthetic resin used for curing the sewer lining material. Please be advised that the odours are temporary and will dissipate in a short time.

You can prevent/minimize the odours from reaching your property by ensuring that you have water in your plumbing P-traps and floor drains.

This sewer rehabilitation technology minimizes any inconvenience usually associated with open cut sewer repair/rehabilitation.


The works will be phased to minimize disruption to traffic while still maintaining a safe working environment. The Contractor will maintain a minimum of one lane of traffic in each direction during the construction. If you have particular needs, please contact us ahead of time.


If you have any questions please contact the personnel listed below.

Region of Peel Personnel
Contact Responsibilities Phone Number
Derek Gorzynski Project Manager 905-791-7800, ext. 5013
Jeffrey Jordison Construction Inspector 905-791-5997
Contractor Personnel
Capital Sewer Services Inc.
Contact Responsibilities Phone Number
Brian Ratchford Project Manager 905-522-0522
Brad Bowden On-Site Supervisor 905-902-9394

Project Updates

The Region of Peel is committed to keeping you informed and ensuring that the works are carried out with minimum disruption. If there are substantial changes in the project scope or schedule, you will be provided with project updates. We also encourage you to notify the appropriate contact person to advise them of any problems or concerns.

List of Affected Streets

  1. Brampton
    • Melanie Drive
    • Parkview Place

  2. Mississauga
    • Breckenridge Road
    • Capricorn Crescent
    • Dickson Park Drive
    • Fellmore Drive
    • Fieldgate Drive
    • Forestwood Drive
    • Justine Drive
    • Kitimat Road
    • Lakeshore Road East
    • Louis Drive
    • Meredith Avenue
    • Mississauga Valley Boulevard
    • North Service Road
    • Robert Speck Parkway
    • Truscott Drive

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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Revised: Monday November 28 2016


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