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Welcome to Peel Public Works

Public Works
Environmental Education for Educators

The Region of Peel offers a variety of free and interactive opportunities for students, teachers and community groups to become more aware of environmental issues and initiatives in their community.

Water Education

Peel's Water and Wastewater Treatment Facility – Book It
This guided tour of our leading-edge water and wastewater treatment facilities showcases how water and wastewater is treated in Peel. Want more information.

  • Open to Grade 8 and up
  • Offered Tuesday and Wednesday

Peel Water Story Bus Tour – Book It
Join us on a full day tour of Peel's natural and human water systems outlined in the Peel Water Story curriculum resource. Along the route you will meet experts in the field who bring to life water concepts covered in the classroom. Please note that availability is limited and conditions may apply. Want more information.

  • Open to grades 5 and up
  • Offered Tuesdays and Fridays

In-class Water Story Presentation – Book It
Designed to complement the Ontario Curriculum's learning expectations for Social Studies and/or Science and Technology, this fun, informative presentation teaches students about drinking water protection, quality and treatment. Want more information.

  • Open to Kindergarten to Grade 8
  • Offered Monday – Friday

Waste Education

Waste Reduction Tours – Book It
Through the use of hands-on learning activities, students will learn about waste management practices and the importance of waste reduction. This full day tour will include a tour of both the Peel Integrated Waste Management Facility and the Brampton Community Recycling Centre.

  • Open to grades 3 and up
  • Offered Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Waste Reduction Workshops:

A unique curriculum-connected workshop has been developed for each grade, engaging students through interactive learning and guided inquiry. Programs are inclusive of different learning styles and can be further accommodated based on student needs.

  • Open to Kindergarten to Grade 12
  • Offered Monday – Friday

Kindergarten / Grade 1 / Grade 2
Through songs, games, and storybooks, students are introduced to the 3R's and learn how to recycle correctly in the Region of Peel.

Grade 3
Students delve into the process of composting and learn how nature turns organic waste into soil.

Grade 4 / Grade 5 / Grade 6
By investigating the secret lifecycle of everyday products, students discover the importance of the 3Rs and how to tackle issues like food waste, over-packaging, and resource use in their own lives.

Grade 7 / Grade 8
In Grade 7, students investigate how technology affects the environment by learning about electronics and strategies to reduce e-waste. The Grade 8 workshop focuses on consumerism and the environmental impact of systems that create and deliver goods.

Grade 9 / Grade 10 / Grade 11 / Grade 12
These workshops give students insight into the materials economy, highlighting the environmental impact of producing goods like food, electronics, packaging, and clothing. Students examine the pros and cons of waste solutions like recycling, and explore the role of industry, government, and individual choices in reducing resource use and waste.

If you are interested in engaging your whole school, please consider a Whole School Waste Reduction Campaign.

Whole School Waste Reduction Campaigns

Looking for support running an effective school environmental campaign?

The Region of Peel's Whole School Waste Reduction Campaigns offer school communities an opportunity to address waste reduction through hands-on learning and action. This engaging program is designed to inspire change in waste practices and foster critical thinking about waste issues.

Schools may choose from four campaign themes:

  • Recycle Right
  • Lunch-time Packaging
  • Food Waste
  • Reusable Bottles

Each campaign includes a fully facilitated whole school waste audit and fun school challenges to motivate improved waste practices and educational activities that help to reinforce the importance of waste reduction.

  • Brampton Schools:
    Contact 905-791-7800 ext. 4409 or email us
  • Mississauga Schools:
    Contact Ecosource at 905-274-6222 or email campaigns@ecosource.ca
  • Caledon Schools:
    For inquiries please contact ecoCaledon at 905-584-7336 or email info@ecocaledon.org

The Great Gulp Registration is now OPEN

The Region of Peel sponsors 'The Great Gulp' campaign to help create awareness about the importance of Peel drinking water in our lives. Find out more about The Great Gulp event.

Peel Children's Water Festival  

Discover the importance of water through hands-on interactive learning at the Peel Children's Water Festival; an annual event that brings together expertise, educators and other community partners. Find out more about the Water Festival .

Curriculum Resources

  • Teach Green In Peel
    Teachgreeninpeel.ca is online database of more than 115 resources designed to help Peel Region teachers find locally-relevant environmental education enrichment resources and programs aligned with Ontario's Curriculum Expectations (K-12).
  • The Peel Water Story Curriculum Resource
    The Peel Water Story is an interactive, multimedia resource that goes beyond the classroom to show you how to connect your existing water education to the world around you and link lessons and knowledge about water to the schoolyard and community.
  • Bike Rodeo Community Kit
    This informative guide outlines how to successfully organise a bicycle rodeo for a school or community event. It includes planning tips, print-ready resources, and instructions for eleven interactive bicycle rodeo stations. More on the Bike Rodeo Community Kit.

Additional Peel Resources

  • Water Smart Peel
    Peel's long term water efficiency strategy, Water Smart Peel, is aimed at increasing awareness and understanding about water efficiency and conservation.
  • Conservation Peel
    By using one resource wisely, we can achieve a range of environmental benefits. This website will help you learn more about conservation in the home.
  • Barry's Water and Wastewater Treatment Tours
    Get a behind the scenes video tour of the water and wastewater treatment process at Peel Region's Lakeview Water Treatment Plant and G.E. Booth Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Contact Us

Call 905-791-7800 ext. 4409 or e-mail us for more details on Environmental Education programs.

Revised: Thursday June 07 2018


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