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The Great Gulp

The Great Gulp - Promoting and Celebrating tap Water in Peel


What is The Great Gulp?

The Great Gulp is an annual event held every March to help create awareness about the importance of Peel drinking water in our lives.

During Monday, March 6 – Friday, March 10, 2017 schools were invited to take part in ‘The Great Gulp’ by organizing a school-wide, synchronized drink of tap water.

The event, along with additional tap water activities, creates a memorable learning experience where students have the opportunity to learn about tap water in Peel.

All participating schools are entered into a draw to win a tap water refill station.

To register for the ‘The Great Gulp’ simply choose a participation date and register online. Registration is now open

Tweet your school performing The Great Gulp at #thegreatgulp


School Activities – Making the most of Your Experience

Participating in The Great Gulp is a fun way to spark awareness about tap water. Create an even larger splash with the sample activities listed below. Combining your Great Gulp celebration with these activities can also earn your school points towards Ontario EcoSchools certification.

  1. Host a 30 minute whole school assembly: Promote the benefits of tap water. Allow student to be creative through song, visual arts or an informative presentation.
  2. World Water Day: Create a Media Campaign: Students explore water conservation and the impact that human activity has on natural resources. Visit Ontario EcoSchools Curriculum Archives under grade 4-8 for full details on how to design and implement a campaign.
  3. Learn the cost of water: Compare the price of drinking water in Peel Region to the cost of other life requirements. Discuss how this compares with essential versus non-essential expenses.
  4. Compare the cost of water: Research and rank the cost of drinking water in the Region of Peel to that in other municipalities and or countries.
  5. Shatter water myths: Share facts from peeltapwater.ca over morning announcements during Canada Water Week.
  6. Take the ’30 Day tap water challenge’: Challenge your school to a one-month contest to see which class has the best participation in using reusable bottles filled with tap water.
  7. Decorate the school fountain: Create a mural or posters that say ‘I love my tap water’ to adorn the wall around the fountain and raise awareness of the benefits of tap water.
  8. Set up a tap water sampling station: Let students sample the cool refreshing taste of tap water. Add limes, lemons, or strawberries to make it extra tasty.
  9. Host a ‘Blue W scavenger hunt’: Have students look up Blue W locations (businesses that offer free tap water refills) close to their favourite hangouts, running routes, and sports fields. Visit peeltapwater.ca for Blue W locations.
  10. Take a trip: Extend the learning outside of the classroom and book a Peel Water Story bus tour, or use the Peel Water Story teacher resources in the classroom. Visit www.peelwaterstory.ca for more information
  11. Compare the nutritional difference. Take a look at the sugar content of drinks such as chocolate milk, pop, fruit juice, and sport drinks. Create a visual display to show how much sugar is added in each drink. Check out SipSmart!TM Ontario poster: How Much Sugar is in your Drink
  12. Health Benefits of Tap Water. Compare the effects of water on teeth vs sugar filled drinks on teeth.
  13. Student reusable water bottle tracking sheet. Post a tracking sheet and use it to monitor the how many students bring a reusable water bottle to school. Contact your schools Public Health Nurse to learn more about this campaign.
  14. How does water move through your body? Students explore how water moves through our bodies (water in, water out) and the importance water plays in bodily functions (tears, sweat, urine, etc.). http://www.healthylivingforlife.org/_web-assets/pdfs/water-promo/Tap into Health Water Promotion Toolkit/Water Promotion Toolkit.pdf
  15. Apply for BrightBites badges to enter in Hall of Fame! Achieve recognition for all the water related activities done in your school! Schools or classrooms can apply for Water Promotion badge or SipSmart!™ badge (grades 3-7). Visit www.brightbites.ca


The Great Gulp Prize Winners

The third annual 'The Great Gulp' was held this year at 166 Peel schools and had over 86,000 students participating. See below for this year’s winners and participating schools.

2016 Winners

Tap water refill station

  • Levi Creek Public School
  • Lorne Park Public School
  • San Lorenzo Ruiz
  • St. Catherine of Sienna


Please join us in recognizing the following schools in their efforts to celebrate/make the most of the event.
St. Andre Bassette

St. Andre Bassette promoted the benefits of drinking tap water in school announcements, on posters, in the school newsletter and school calendar.

Humberview Secondary School promoted drinking tap water, sold water bottles, displayed live tweets of #thegreatgulp and partnered with Peel Public Health to show the nutritional benefits of drinking tap water vs sugar filled drinks.

Levi Creek

Levi Creek Public School hosted a wide variety of activities such as trivia, in-school contests and prizes for the class that had the most students with reusable bottles, literature features on water conservation, bulletin boards with artwork promoting water messages, and much more

Willow Way

Willow Way Public School participated in The Great Gulp by having an assembly to learn more about the importance of Peel drinking water. Students wore blue to honor water and danced to a cool water song to get thirsty for their synchronized drink of water.

St Ursula

St. Ursula Catholic Elementary School celebrated The Great Gulp by making daily announcements, creating posters hosting a whole school assembly that included a presentation from the Eco Team and a video about the “Story of Bottled Water”, and will be selling reusable water to further continue their promotion of tap water.

The Great Gulp 2015

The third annual 'The Great Gulp' was held at 135 Peel schools and had over 70,000 students participating to help create awareness about the importance of Peel drinking water in our lives.

2015 Winners

Tap water refill station

  • Artesian Drive Public School
  • Thornwood Public School
  • Catherine of Siena School
  • St. Simon Stock

Stainless steel water bottle for the whole school

  • Castlemore Public School
  • Heart Lake Secondary School
  • St. Margaret of Scotland
  • St. Paul Catholic Secondary School

Revised: Monday January 09 2017


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