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Public Works Transportation For Business Long Combination Vehicle (LCV) Program in Peel

Long Combination Vehicle (LCV) Program in Peel

In Canada, any combination of vehicles over 25 metres long is known as an LCV.

Ontario LCVs are made up of a tractor pulling two trailers up to 40 metres long.

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) developed the Long Combination Vehicle (LCV) program in June 2008. They work with the Region of Peel on this program as these trucks are driving on our roads to get to their end destination.

Benefits of the LCV program

  • Lower cost and trucks use less fuel
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by approximately one-third
  • Fewer accidents with these types of trucks than other trucks
  • Each LCV removes two full size tractor-trailers
  • LCVs are only allowed to travel on certain roads, at certain times, and can only carry certain things.

The MTO is expanding the LCV program by increasing the number of permits.

Visit the MTO website for a detailed summary of the LCV Program.

Revised: Friday August 18 2017


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